Incentivise apprenticeships

Make factory work, production line jobs, careers in engineering more appealing to young people by creating world-leading apprenticeship schemes where they can learn the trade. When young people start these jobs and are given responsibility, they invariably really enjoy them and quickly start to flourish – but it's not seen as 'cool' or even 'respected' work to get into. A well-funded, well-planned apprenticeship scheme, which gets 18-21 year olds quickly earning a decent salary and taking real responsibility, could transform perceptions of this sector and revitalise its appeal to the next generation.

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Our industry has always been powered by people coming up with brilliant engineering ideas which then spawn whole businesses and factories to bring them to market. But these ideas need the right environment to flourish – in particular, the combination of people who instinctively understand the needs and desires of the day, and who are familiar with the work and processes of manufacturing products to meet those needs. Without new talent coming through, that environment can't exist and the the industry will inevitably decline. But we won't get new talent as long as banking or 'digital media' or 'public relations in sport' look like better ways to impress your friends and/or earn good money. Apprenticeships in the manufacturing industry have a long and impressive history in this country and it's time we make them a real and vaunted career option again.

by Commenter3000 on June 29, 2015 at 01:07PM

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  • Posted by johnsmith100 June 29, 2015 at 16:30

    I agree with this idea. Apprenticeships are also a great way for our young people to earn whilst they learn. Many of them will come out of an apprenticeship with demonstrable skills and knowledge as well as being debt free and having some savings under their belt.

    Only by starting at an early age can we ensure we retain Britain's manufacturing knowledge and skills, we mustn't lose these!
  • Posted by joebloggs123 July 02, 2015 at 12:46

    We need this!
    Apprenticeships have been the back bone of a lot of manufacturing industries in Britain over the years and it is critical we continue to build the pipeline of talent coming through. Apprenticeships are critical - let's not drop the ball on this!
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