If you could tell the government one thing to be sure to include in any plan for boosting Britain's manufacturing sector, what would it be?

The government has issued the following national call for evidence:

A photograph of a dock and container ships
No one should be in any doubt about how essential Britain’s manufacturing industry remains to our country’s continued success. The sector employs millions of highly skilled people, produces over half of all UK exports, drives innovation and is the UK’s biggest investor in business R&D. We want to do everything we can to help these companies thrive and build a stronger economy for Britain’s future.
Manufacturing is a huge and complex industry, and efficiencies and innovations can be found in all sorts of places: from large scale regulatory changes to tiny adjustments in the details of supply chains. That's why we want to hear from you.
Do you have an idea that could transform the manufacturing sector? Have you noticed a significant opportunity in your field that may be at risk of being overlooked? Let us know, and help us boost Britain's great manufacturing industry.
All ideas received will be reviewed for consideration as part of the draft proposal which will ultimately go on to inform the official consultation on British manufacturing in late 2016.

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